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Meet new resident kitchen Parmogeddon

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Chow Down came back for the Spring/ Summer just before Easter and have recently switched over their resident kitchens. We decided to send over some questions to the incredible Parmogeddon as we say 👋 to PARMOS at Chow.

Tell us about Parmogeddon – what’s your origin story?

We are a Parmo loving duo, consisting of one Middlesbrough born and bred chef, Kyle, and one fellow northerner, Ellie. Kyle, being from Middlesbrough, grew up eating Parmos and has a lot of love for them and their teesside heritage. The idea of Parmogeddon grew from this and the fact that outside of the North East few people know what Parmos are. With that we saw an opportunity to create a street food offering that offered something different, while paying homage to the original dish. We set up in 2019 with the plan of trading at street food events and growing our business that way. We were lucky enough to be offered a residency at Hatch in Manchester in the summer of 2019 and we have had a permanent spot there since!

What makes a great parmo, and why do yours stand out from the crowd?

Everything we do is homemade, from our chips to our garlic mayonnaise (yes we make the mayo from scratch!) When developing our menu we always referred back to the fact that we want to create food we are proud of and that we would love to eat ourselves. This is what helps us stand out.

What have been your biggest achievements as a brand so far?

Getting through the last few years as a new business has been extremely challenging and we feel very fortunate to still be going. Earlier this year we were shortlisted for “food offering of the year” in the Manchester bar awards which are great to be acknowledged by our friends and peers in the industry, especially as we were up there with some big names.

What makes you most excited about being one of Chow Down’s resident kitchens?

We can’t wait to get slingin’ Parmos in Leeds! We love the city and the venue and feel very lucky to be able to call it home for the next 7 weeks.

What’s good on the menu – anything Chow Down guests should get excited about?

Obviously we are going to say everything!

What keeps you inspired – where do you get your best foodie ideas from?

We love visiting street food events and venues and find a lot of inspo that way.

What about after Chow Down – what does the future look like for Parmogeddon?

We have a busy summer planned with events and weddings and we have a few exciting projects that we are working on, but we can’t give anything away just yet!

Catch them at Chow Down until the middle of July

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